Who We Are

The Automated Parking Solution (TAPS) is a Los Angeles based company that provides property owners and developers with state-of-the-art parking systems. We are taking established technology that has been in use around the world for two decades, and adapting it to the southern california landscape. Our fully-automated systems can achieve a far greater density of car storage in a smaller building envelope, at comparable or even lower cost.

What sets us apart from other automated parking providers is that each step of the process is done in-house. We employ a team of architects, engineers, land-use planners, and expediters to carry your project through from start-to-finish. We are the only one-stop-shop in Los Angeles for designing - installing - and maintaining your automated parking system.

While other providers try to take existing systems and make the fewest possible modifications to satisfy LADBS building code, we are the only company working together with the city planners to write and establish new code to ensure that the systems we design can live up to the unique local conditions and safety requirements.

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