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Inner city crime reinforces need for the safety of automated parking garages

It is never a pleasant experience when you come back to your parked car with a broken window and your personal possessions have been stolen. On a more serious note, you never want to find yourself in a situation where you are out in the open and someone has followed you, or worse, has the intention to physically harm you.

News of a recent incident in Koreatown, Los Angeles reinforces the need for automated parking garages and the safety features they provide drivers. On June 7th, a violent altercation occurred in a Koreatown parking garage, resulting in a stabbing andfatal shooting. According to police, a woman and her boyfriend entered the underground parking garage of an apartment building. As they exited the elevator, another man approached the couple. The man allegedly stabbed the woman, prompting the woman’s boyfriend to shoot the man. Police reports even indicate that the woman’s attacker was allegedly hiding behind a car in the parking garage prior to the incident (LAist).

The Solution

Although violence and crime cannot always be avoided, there are measures that can be taken to prevent such an incident from happening in the first place. A large number of reported vehicle break-ins, violent crimes, and rape incidents occur in parking garages because they are concealed and usually only offer security cameras as a safety feature. For this reason, we are here to tell you how we have integrated not one, but many safety features into our automated parking system.

Why Automated Parking Is Safer

First and foremost, the driver is the only one to operate the vehicle and the only person inside the loading bay throughout the entire process. When you pull up to the parking structure, you drive your car into the loading bay and the door will close as soon as your car is completely inside. You will then get out of the car to operate the pay station which is located inside the loading bay. The loading bay contains motion and heat sensors, as well as CCTV security cameras, in order to maximize safety and security. The car will not be transferred onto the lift until you have exited the loading bay into the main lobby. The main lobby also contains security cameras, which can be monitored by a designated security personnel.

In our efforts to provide a better alternative to traditional parking structures, safety is always at the top of our agenda. When using an automated parking system, your car (and most importantly you) are less susceptible to the potential threat of crime and violence because you are not forced to park in an unsecured structure.

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