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Reduce your construction costs and building envelope with automated parking

What is usually a hassle to incorporate into your project’s plan is now a beneficial addition to your multifamily or mixed-use project. Were talking about automated parking. With the right design and engineering approach, incorporating automated parking into your next project can reduce construction costs and the building envelope by saving on space where it matters, and maximizing on space where you need it most.

To give you a better idea of what these savings look like in reality, we recently submitted the design for a 4 unit condominium in North Hollywood which includes automated parking. To start, the lot originally contained a single family home. However, we were able to subdivide this lot into two. Therefore, there will be two residential units on each lot. For the automated parking component, we are including two, 5 car automated parking garages per lot.

Automated parking versus conventional parking 

If this project had used a conventional parking garage, we would have had to increase the parking garage size by 200 feet, and the building height by one story. Just imagine how much we are saving in construction costs! Additionally, we can provide more parking spaces in less space. In fact, we are gaining one additional space per lot for guest parking. With conventional parking, there would be no option for guest parking for this particular project.

From a design standpoint, we are able to increase the size of the front and rear yards because the size of the automated parking garage is much less than a conventional garage. In addition, the top of each garage will be used as an outdoor deck for each of the front units. Therefore, we are gaining more floor area for the units and increasing the available open space for the condominium as a whole. We are also reducing the building envelope.

From an engineering perspective, we are using our puzzle system design. This system uses a space saving design in which the cars are stacked. For this reason, we are able to provide 10 parking spaces in total versus 4 spaces that a conventional parking method would allow for. Thanks to this design, we can get the maximum build out of what the land can give.


Maximize your density. Maximize your profits

Our automated parking structures allow for viable, above-grade parking due to their lower height requirements, making them a cost-effective solution for tricky sites. Additionally, everything is more compact, so you can fit nearly twice as many cars in the same amount of space as in a conventional parking structure.

For more information about our system’s advantages and to discover what your project is missing without automated parking, click here.

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