About Us

About Us

    • The Automated Parking Solution (TAPS) strives to provide developers, building owners and municipalities an innovative state-of-the-art approach to fully automated parking
  • We are a one-stop solution and provider of:
    •  Consulting
    •  Design
    •  Manufacturing
    •  Installation
    •  System Qualification
    •  Maintenance
    •  Choice of systems to fit the project model
    •  Ability to navigate through the local Building and Safety     requirements




The Automated Parking Solution works alongside multiple entities within the industry, in order to provide a wholesome approach to your project. Our partners provide top-notch knowledge and industry expertise, with over two decades of operational experience within the global market.

We currently offer the following systems:

  •  Flat Bi-Directional System
  •  Elevator Parking System
  •  Puzzle Parking System
  •  Multi Level Circulation Parking System
  •  Lift Slide System
hytone puzzle system