The Advantages of Automated Parking

Whether you are a developer or a landlord, automated parking is a great alternative to traditional parking garages. Not only does it save you money, but it also saves space and improves curb appeal with more parking density and less visual bulk.

Additionally, the system is a compact option to meet city parking requirements, but can fit twice as many cars than a traditional garage. In essence, it is a smarter use of available land


An automated parking system gives you the ability to park nearly twice the amount of cars as a traditional parking structure, while using the same amount of space


Because there is no longer a need for the user to idle around, looking for a parking space, this is an emission free solution that provides carbon reduction and could qualify up to 17 LEED points

Highly Reliable

A redundant system consists of industrial rated electric motors and drives with safety devices including ultrasonic sensors, motion detectors, and HD cameras

User Safety and Convenience

Parking with TAPS system is equivalent to the parking experience of valet Vehicles are retrieved and delivered between 40-180 seconds

Tax Incentives

TAPS system is a capital equipment investment that could be depreciated in 7 years

Fast Installation

Manufacturing takes less than 2 months

Hassle Free

Because the addition of an automated parking system is a part of the architectural design plan, you will not experience any delay in the plan check process