Manual Retrieval Options Available
Flat Bi-Directional System Components

 Steel Structure (ASTM)



Computer Screens

Switch Gear

Safety Systems


Cell Structure


Urethane Roller Conveyor

 Loading Bay

Turn Table (Optional)

Why Choose A System From Asia?

Cost Savings

A system from Asia costs almost 50% less than most U.S. suppliers. Most projects cost $20 - $30K depending on the number of stalls.

Proven Track Record

Our manufacturing partners have over two decades of operational experience.


Our product is a redundant system, which includes industrial rated electric motors and drives with safety devices including ultrasonic sensors, motion detectors, and HD cameras.


Our system complies with U.S. Standards, including ASTM and UL Listing.

System Selection Flexibility

We offer five different types of automated parking systems, in order to provide our clients the flexibility to choose a system that fits their specific needs.