What We Offer

TAPS takes care of all the details... from start-to-finish.


Our veteran land-use planning experts know how to properly analyze your property and provide the most efficient solution


We employ an in-house team of architects so there's no delays or miscommunications from outsourcing to an outside firm


Don't have general contractor? With our background in real estate development we are licensed and experienced there too!


Once complete, you can count on us to regularly service and maintain your system to keep it running smooth throughout its useful life


Puzzle System

Our Puzzle Parking System is the most cost effective option. We can build up to five-levels, place the system indoors or outdoors, and have vehicles retrieved in under 120 seconds

Bi-Directional System

Our Bi-Directional System is your choice for larger projects. It can be installed above or below grade, up to seven-levels, is highly customizable, and can even charge your electric car while you're away!



Automation reduces expenses and allows for maximum potential parking revenue in paid parking scenarios. Your capital value increases allowing for quicker return on investment. Our systems are classified as equipment and thus tax depreciable in 7 years, as opposed to the 29 year depreciation rate for real estate


Our supplier has three decades of automated-systems operational experience. We offer laser and heat sensors, motion detectors, an array of safety devices, as well as ASTM certified and UL listed parts. All of this and real-time data monitoring means that problems are identified before they happen.


Parking with TAPS is just like the experience of having a valet. Vehicles are retrieved in between 60-150 seconds on average. Automation provides the ability to park twice the amount of automobiles in the same amount of space as a conventional concrete garage. TAPS' variety of systems, our flexibility, and custom designs allow us to provide practical solutions for any project.